Behind Từ Từ


We are creating Từ Từ community that conspires together to create a collective dialogue on understanding and love. We are friends who live in all parts of the world:  the US, Japan, Nepal, Vietnam, and so on...

Direction / Kitty Gia Ngân

Từ Từ projects are led by Kitty - a thinker on love and intimacy. Her practice emphasizes on participatory and immersivity. She designs space and experiences that cultivate beingness.

Kitty has conducted compassion-based projects in Kathmandu, Tokyo, Seattle, Copenhagen, Central Italy, the internet, and Ho Chi Minh City. She is on the board of visionaries for the founding of Trần Nhân Tông University.

The meaning of “Từ Từ”

1. The term từ từ means hey, slow down in Vietnamese.
2. But when there’s only one word từ, it usually means compassion (từ bi) and humane (nhân từ). Linguistically, this comes from our sino-vietnamese roots.
3. In modern Vietnamese, the word từ usually means word (từ vựng) or language (ngôn từ).
4. Từ tốn: Gentle deliberation. (Demeanor and actions are carried out in a calm, thoughtful, and measured way.)