• I received this printed copy at Plum Village after I joined several BIPOC friends organizing a standing ovation to call for more sangha involvement: To practice spirituality is to be more engaged in the world, not less.
    • “When bombs begin to fall on people, you cannot stay in the meditation hall all of the time. Meditation is about the awareness of what is going on — not only in your body and in your feelings, but all around you.” - Thích Nhất Hạnh
    • This zine provides us a language and resources to call for collective actions.

    How To Get Married
    by The School of Life

      • I was roaring with laughter reading this accurate book about getting married. My partner and I declared that this must be how we would do our wedding, if we would ever.
      • Imaginative and shrewd, a must read for couples or anyone who plan to disrupt our business-as-usual wedding / marriage narratives.

        • “Love” as how we know it today is heavily designed by the capitalist language.
        • This book talks about emotional labor / reproduction: How denying to see “caring as work” is a capitalist strategy to exploit those who care and subjugate women.
        • Warning: Great knowledge for liberation, but the writing style is quite… academic (that is to say, chunky and could have been made simpler).

          “Making A Fuss” - Booklet

            Kitty: “As I started writing about love and intimacy in Project Theory Probe, I want to hold space for more voices. To write about love all on your own, from your laptop screens, talking to your own head sounds contradicting and funny. Now has gone the age of a soloist. If disconnection is at the heart of our global sufferings, we need to re-engineer the way we create, including writing and publishing.

            The brilliant idea was to gather people whom I like spending time with and propose a common mission:
            creating a collective writing on love. We will go through times of fun and uncertainties together while discovering ourselves in the making of this booklet. The theme topic being, “Making A Fuss”.