Some of moments

These are some sample moments of Từ Từ projects. Since love is an ontological phenomenon, our projects aim to invite experiences of love through play and creative interactions. And always, they challenge and deepen our own capacity to love and understand.

Slow Dining: A game where lovers go through 7
dishes, each requires a different “sense" to
taste, thus, a different orientation to intimacy.

Slow Dating (kids version): Spinning off “speed-dating”, this is a game where strangers go through steps of becoming intimate while challenging socializing norms.

Participatory Feedback Party with our multi-generational community to create a Dialogue Game.

Vietnam War - An Escape Game.
Drawing from the concept of collaborative puzzle-
solving rooms and immersive installations to story-
tell a decolonial narrative of the Vietnam War.

Interactive seminar on Decolonizing
Love (kids version).



Immersive exploration of Lâm Đồng K’Ho indigenous
community to suggest branding direction.                

A “sushi hug" - in collaboration with education partners to design games on peace and intimacy lingo for children.


“Decolonizing Love" - a guest lecture at the
University of Washington to incorporate
research and art in disrupting popular
narratives of love.


            “Archiving Love: A Work Always In Progress" - an immersive and participatory art installation.

Practice deep listening and dancing with
indigenous communities across Vietnam